Wine Lovers Classes

Designed to delight and challenge the wine enthusiast, these classes have something for everyone who enjoys wine, and food….did I leave anyone out?

6 Tuesdays
7:30 - 9:30 PM
January 31:
  Southern Rhone Papal Dispute – do the Chateauneuf du Pape wines deserve to be treated like the “Papes” of the Southern Rhone?  Are there other wines – the wines of Gigondas, Vacqueyras, or even Lirac and Languedoc – that are worthy pretenders to the Papal status?
  February 28:
Sold Out
  French vs Spanish Wines, presenting several outstanding wines of each country and highlighting the distinctive differences
  March 7:
Sold Out
  Amarone, Ripasso, and Valpolicella Classico – forget PIedmont and Tuscany for an evening, and luxuriate in the soft embrace of Veneto’s iconic reds.
  April 4:
  Another “Ultimate Wine” Class: Which Grape Am I?   highlighting the “markers” of the world’s most important grapes, and using the Court of Master Sommelier tasting grid, we shall identify in blind flights of 3 wines,  which grapes are being served.
  April 25 :
  The Other Grapes of Italy (i.e. no Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Covina or Bordeaux varieties!) That leaves us roughly 2000 other Italian varieties to choose from and we will be tasting the best of the bunch.
  May 9 :
  A Sparkling Wine thriller:  Champagne and many other sparkling wines from around the world, served with small plates of something fried (mushrooms), something creamy (brie or gorgonzola), and something spicy (chili)
  Instructor:   Ned Towle, CWE, FWS, IWP
  Full Course Tuition:   $490 (a $40 discount)
  Location:   Sam’s of Gedney Way, 52 Gedney Way, White Plains
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  • no one under 21 is allowed
  • refunds of deposits will be given up to two weeks in advance of a class
  • credit for a future class will be given up to two days in advance of a class
  • with open-ended Gift Certificates, recipients must alert the School one week in advance of attending a class